Its hot in yogya..

Todays really hot in yogya. I mean, the weather. I think its gonna be heavy rain in yogya, so the temperature can drop into cool situation . But itsn't rain at this time.
My skin is going darker everyday because of sunburn. It takes along time for make it little bit lighter.
But really, im enjoy in yogya...

another hour in internet cafe..

The problem living in countryside is not easy to get connection to the internet. I need conection to internet for 24/7, but with cheap price. Do you guys have any suggestion? Please give me any idea, and thanks for help me. Or you gonna give me some donation so i can buy some wirelees equipment? :)

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End MotoGp race

Last sunday, is the end session of MotoGp for year 2007. Really, i think the race is not very interesting. Of course we were already know, the world champion is Casey Stoner, before the valencia race. I'm really waiting the fight between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner. But the fight doesn't happen cause Rossi has injured in his right arm. Hope next year we have good show of MotoGp race.
Me, and my boys sometimes watch the race together. From tv, of course. They are like if Rossi lead all the race, and sometimes they like if Casey the number one.
I'm really enjoy if Casey and Ducati in the podium...
Congratulation to Casey and Ducati, hope next year still race like this year.

Finally, i'm writen in this blog....

This is the first time i write on this blog. Even this blog already exist around 3 months later. Exist? no, just create...i haven't write on it to.
I'm really sorry about my english. I'm really doesnt have any good sentences, doesn't know about english structure.
But i still hope you guys enjoy my blog.