Kodak C633

My wife bought this digital camera last year. Cause the price that we can deal with it. :)
The camera comes with plastic body, and light. I’m little bit carefull with frame that around the LCD. Cause it bent when I pressed with my thumb. Till now, I’m not tear off the seal that protect LCD. I’m think that seal is screen protector. 
The camera gives me some good picture. And some with dark picture, cause the flash not give enough light around the object.
The camera comes with 3X optical zoom and 3X digital zoom.
But, I’m not recommended to use digital zoom, cause make the picture comes with blurry.
Beside, digital zoom make the batteries empty a little bit faster.
The dealer give me extra MMC 1 Gb. Enough for more 600 picture at 6.1 Mpx. And more picture when you reduced pictures size.
Other bonus is 2 pair UNiROSS 2100 mAh Ni MH baterries. I usually charge this batt around 4 hours.
But, I think this batt not original from Kodak, cause ‘ Made in China ‘ written at the batt.
And its empty after around 40 shot!

Merry Christmas

Well.. another Merry X'mas. And soon, this year will end. Hope this year is good for yous career, family and friends..
And New Year will arrive..

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