Marshall MG Series 15-Watt Guitar Combo Amp

marshall MG15CFX 15-watt guitar combo amp

 Its solid state and yes, it's a Marshall.

 Marshall MG15CFX MG Series 15-Watt Guitar Combo Amp


 This amp is pretty great. It has a good whole sound to it. The effects are wonderful. Remember when you get it, there are effects set on every setting (mode) CLEAN, CRUNCH, OD1, and OD2. but you can change them. Find how to setting it on the manual. 

All MG4 Carbon Series solid-state amps are innovative, highly functional and produce great tone combining years of experience in analogue amplification with cutting edge digital technology. These amps are ideal for the beginner and gigging pro alike. The MG carbon series offers modern looks and new features which set these amps apart from copycat brands. The Marshall MG15CFX offers 15 watts in a 1x8 combo with 4 programmable channels, effects and MP3 input. 

Grab your Marshall MG15CFX and plays your music.